Fancy's Go Getters - We Get It Done!!!

Fluff and Fold Services

Everyone seems to be over-extended these days and having a bit of help with daily chores is always welcome. So Fancy's Go Getters Co has establishing a laundry pick-up and delivery service. We are here to do laundry "Just the Way You Like it!" 

With one price per bag,its easy to get started. Contact us for services and pick up date, load your 13 gallon trash bag of laundry, print your tag of instructions, and Go! Within 48 hours your laundry is returned Fluffed and Folded.
*Items to be ironed have an additional price of $1.00 for tops, $1.50 for bottoms, and $2.00 for heavy starched items.
**All items to be ironed within a single bag is at a set flat rate.

***Pre-Stain Treatment of Wash per bag flat rate.

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